Eden G4 heat transfer technology has significant gains in efficiency by utilising the latest thermal technologies, smart circuitry and advance design to optimise energy usage.
Our Certificates

Copper Tubes are used in accordance with JIS. C12T. Inner Groove Tubes (IGT) are used for all models except FNX, FLX and ETLE.

Manufacturing Facilities
Coils are designed with the latest smart circuitry (counter flow & pressure sensitive feed circuits) and incorporate high technology Inner Groove Tubes (IGT). Smart circuitry combined with IGT also reduces the oil film co-efficient factor and allows the refrigerant to be evenly distributed throughout the evaporator, maximizing coil efficiency, increasing internal primary coil surface area, thus providing higher efficiency and capacity with a smaller physical coil dimension.

Fins are produced from High-Grade aluminium (Aluminium Association -AA1100 Standard). Eden
uses Double Sine Wave Pattern and Rippled Fin Edges to provide higher heat transfer efficiency. The new sine wave fin pattern provides greater secondary surface areas and low air bypass factor (air molecules have greater agitation and contact with fin surfaces).

Casings/End Plates for Unit Coolers
are constructed from heavy gauged aluminum (Aluminum Association - AA1100 Standard). Fan Casings are powder coated to provide cleaner air quality and easy maintenance. A hinged door is incorporated in the case design to allow for easy installation and maintenance. All external aluminum panels are passivated prior to final oven bake powder coating finish (All models except FNX, FLX and ETLE).

All ETLE Titan Blast Freezer Unit Coolers come in natural finished Stucco Embossed Aluminium casing, according to AA 1100 Standard.

Casings/End Plates for Condensers
are constructed from heavy gauged electroplated galvanized steel and finished by priming and painting.

Centre plates are built-in to enhance air side performance and structural strength for models with two or more fans.

German high quality Fan Motors have internal thermistor protection and are of the highest quality offered in the industry, ensuring long life and durability for both high and low temperature applications.
Thermistor motor proection conforms to DIN 40050 safety standards.
(Thermistor protection for all series except cabinet coolers ENC / ELC)


Defrosting is by electrical sheathed stainless steel heater elements, supplied with moulded silicone insulated connection and wiring. Eden uses embedded heaters which utilitise all available heat energy during defrost, making them highly energy efficient. Positive drainage from all points is achieved through a centrally positioned mould-screw fitting on the drain pan.

Options :  
  • ......Copper-fin coil (Available only for 6FPI to 12 FPI)
  • ......Epoxy-coated Aluminium fin coil. (Only for OEM orders)
  • ......Passivated corrosion protection for all aluminium fin products
  • ......Hot gas bypass
  • ......Dual fins (Staggered fins)
  • ......Stucco embossed aluminium casing
  • ......Stainless steel casing
  • ......Special circuitry for ultra low temperature or overfeed systems
  • ......Chilled water coils and brine coils
  • ......CO2 Evaporators in Pumped liquid or Low Temperature DX systems (Factory selection

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