Cool Solution

Eden Refrigeration incorporates innovative technology and develops energy efficient heat exchangers for the refrigeration & HVAC industries and is widely used in commercial, light industrial and marine applications.

  1. Food Processing

  2. Food & Beverage

  3. Logistics

  4. Hospitality

  5. Oil, Marine, Gas

  6. Retail

  7. Flight Kitchen

  8. Pharmaceutical

  9. Other Application

  • Food Processing

    Eden fully considered various food processing environments and adopted low-noise processing technology, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the operation of refrigeration equipment. Thus, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment for enterprise.

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  • Food & Beverage

    A good cold storage plays an important role in this industry. This is because durable and effective refrigeration system aids in locking the nutrition, freshness, and quality of the frozen foods and beverages. Eden has helped customers to meet their needs in freezing and refrigeration.

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  • Logistics

    The temperature fluctuations throughout the refrigerated transportation process cause degradation of food quality. Eden has helped customers to complete their high quality transportation and distribution at a reduced cost and being environmentally friendly.

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  • Hospitality

    A stable, efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly cooling solution is not only a guarantee of a high-end hotel's comfort and reputation, but also saves them a huge operational cost. Hence, Eden has become a loyal partner of many five-star hotels.

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  • Oil, Marine, Gas

    Eden offers the OMG industry with a wider range of system and equipment that incorporates energy efficient heat exchangers. Eden has done anti-corrosion treatment on the equipment and optimized its size to meet the needs of marine operation with a flexible and compact body.

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  • Retail

    In addition to meeting the basic temperature requirements for freezing and cold storage, Eden's all-round cool solutions also adheres to the advantages of energy saving and environmentally friendly. Thus, fulfilling customer's interest and improving the economic efficiency for enterprises.

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  • Flight Kitchen

    Eden cool solutions provided efficient services for the storage and quick-freezing of aviation catering, bringing freshness throughout the long journeys.

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  • Pharmaceutical

    Eden cool solution has provided temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, test objects with the most ideal cold storage environment by maintaining a uniform and accurate temperature while meeting the high requirement standards in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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  • Other Application

    We will continue to develop new technologies and provide you with a wide range of high-quality options.

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Food Processing

Eden technology results in a much lower sound level of the refrigeration system

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Food & Beverage

Lowering operational costs and extending the product life cycle

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EDEN cold solutions help customers to keep the high-value loads at ideal temperatures and humidity levels so they arrive at their final destination in perfect condition

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Eden offers an effective refrigeration system that is crucial to ensure your food and beverages are stored correctly

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Oil, Marine, Gas

EDEN Offers various kinds of system and equipment associated with our energy efficient heat exchangers for OMG industry.

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Eden cold solutions to maximize system-energy savings and performance

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Flight Kitchen

Eden cold solutions to achieve the safe food processing, cost-efficient and energy-efficient

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Eden refrigeration technology which can avoid degeneration and activity loss of pharmaceuticals in drying at low temperatures. So it is widely applied in treatment of dried pharmaceuticals

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Other Application

Eden incorporates human ingenuity, innovation and technology to meet the world’s rising demand for a cleaner and greener future

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  1. Research Development & Innovation

    Many of the leading technologies developed by Eden have strengthened and enhanced the core competencies required for fin & tube heat exchange products, HVAC&R solutions and services.
  2. Quality Control System

    Eden adheres strictly to "lean manufacturing" strategies and has established a stringent quality management system and standards for product R&D, design, raw material quality management and product quality control.

  3. Supply Chain Management

    Eden embarks on joint collaborations with our global suppliers to test various products and materials used within our Eden products to create prototype designs.  This enables our R&D efforts to develop products that meet high technical specifications.
  4. Technical Support

    With the vast knowledge and experience in heat exchangers, Eden provides technical support to our customers with key mindset of being "comprehensive solution, energy saving" as our main benchmarks.