Research Development & Innovation

Eden Refrigeration Manufacturing (ERM) Research and Development team is primarily focused on developing new and enhancing existing fin/tube heat exchange products; applying new technologies and innovations into our latest designs before prototyping and testing.

Eden R&D is dedicated to put in extensive time and resources to ensure the future growth of ERM and maintaining relevant products for the global refrigeration industry.  With the stringent environmental requirements on ozone depleting and greenhouse gases, we strive to ensure that our product poses minimum impact to the environment by reducing the possibility of leakages at the copper tube, brazing joints, U-bends, end plates, etc.  Fans and defrost heating elements are also sized adequately to ensure minimum electrical energy usage to achieve maximum performance.

We also embark on joint collaborations with our suppliers to test various products and materials like fans, defrost heaters, copper tubes, aluminium fins, etc. into Eden prototype designs to be tested conjunctly.  With results obtained from the test laboratories, final tweaks and adjustments are made to the Eden designs to achieve the desired results.

Eden R&D other objectives are also to provide technical assistance and support to our customers through the various sales and distribution channels to resolve most technical challenges faced by our customers; to ensure trouble free, durable and reliable product installations.

Many of the leading technologies developed by EDEN have strengthened and enhanced the core competencies required for fin/tube heat exchange products, HVAC & refrigeration solutions and services.


The development of any new series or range of Eden products goes through different stages of research and design, but testing a prototype provides relevant information and results to allow the R&D team to justify the design is operating within the performance envelopes, achieved the designed requirements and if necessary, to make design changes where further optimisation or performance 'boost' is possible.  R&D may build multiple prototypes and conduct repetitive laboratory testing until all aspects of the Eden product is satisfies R&D expectations.

Calorimetric Test Laboratory

Eden is proud to boast that we have one of the most advanced Calorimetric Test Laboratories in China.  Its primary function is to determine their actual calorimetric performance; cooling or condensing capacity of any new product designs before they are put to the field.

We also strive to determine their actual technical attributes, operating limits and functions. Various temperature and pressure readings are constantly monitored and recorded during the testing process to measure the capacity performance of Eden products.   This can be a repetitive process whereby major aspect of the fin/tube heat exchange product is scrutinised over again before final results are published.

Design & Production Drawings (AutoCAD, solid works)

All technical testing should achieve the intended results before our design teams can proceed with their preparation of final drawings. It is crucial for all new products to be accompanied by their full set of detailed construction drawings.

Product designs are done using SolidWorks, such that large assemblies of 3D modelling can be achieved in a short time.  Design validations can be performed effectively with drawings, assemblies and simulations.  Advanced 3D modelling can be converted and developed into 2D drawings. It helps to maximize the productivity of our design and manufacturing resources, while empowering us to deliver innovative products faster.

AutoCAD enables us to create precise 2D drawings for parts, sub-assemblies and final general layouts for manufacturing purposes.  All key features and data are then keyed into our advance machine centres, like Amada Laser machine and Amada Turret punch which are critical to produce precise and accurate parts for our products.

The combinations of advanced software and best machineries create our ability to produce high quality products efficiently.

R&D Future Development Plans

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Infrared thermal imaging camera is a device that uses infrared technology to convert the image of the temperature distribution on a target object into a visible image by detecting the infrared radiation. The infrared camera accurately displays actual detected heat in real time, thus accurately identifying the suspected hot/cold spots.

With these cameras, during prototype testing, we are able to detect hot/cold spots within our prototypes, any potential problem areas can be displayed, analysed and eventually resolved through product modifications or redesign.

During the product development process, infrared thermal imaging cameras are an essential and powerful tool to Eden R&D.

Analytical Software & Tools

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is one of the key analytical methods used in engineering applications.  CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve fluid flow applications.

CFD helps to create rapid product simulations on a computer without the need of running prototypes in a test laboratory; whilst reducing the development time, the probability of defective products and the need for large number of costly prototypes.

CFD helps to create rapid product simulations on a computer without the need of running prototypes in a test laboratory; whilst reducing the development time, the probability of defective products and the need for large number of costly prototypes.