Eden Helps the Cold Storage Operator in a Sustainable Way

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China declared in 2020 to the world two national goals: "peaking carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060". As an essential part of "peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality”, energy saving is also what Eden Cool Solution has been striving for. We try to help our clients reduce energy consumption in cold storage operation through efficient operation of refrigeration equipment, thus contributing scientific and technological strength to "peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality” in China.

Energy-saving Reconstruction Project

The reconstructed 20,000-square-meter distribution center contains 5 low-temperature cold storages at -18℃, 2 variable-temperature cold storages at 0-4℃/-18℃, and 1 variable-temperature cold storage at 10℃/-18℃, which mainly serve fresh food e-commerce companies in daily distribution as cold storages of the distribution center. After the cold storages were officially put into use for half a year, according to the statistics of the cold storage operator, the monthly electric charge is up to CNY 960,000, one of the major costs for cold storage operation. The high cost has been hindering the rapid expansion of the cold storage operator, which thus came to Eden to find ways for power saving. Eden has developed a highly feasible and investment-efficient power-saving reconstruction scheme based on the power consumption pattern and load of the cold storage.

Eden Solution:

l Replace the 71 sets of Eden hot gas defrost unit coolers with hot freon defrosting inthe cold storage

l Optimize the connection of refrigerant pipes

l Replace the control valve for liquid supply

Comprehensive Benefits from Replacing Unit Coolers in Project Reconstruction

l Through reconstruction, the cold storage operator has cut down the cost by about CNY 4.8 million/year.

The operation of cold storages is accompanied by energy consumption of unit coolers, condensers, units, control systems, lighting, forklifts, etc., among which refrigeration equipment including unit coolers, condensers and units are the most power-consuming. It was found through in-depth power consumption diagnosis that the daily power consumption of the 71 unit coolers in the cold storages was 14,484 kWh, resulting in a daily expenditure of CNY 10,400 based on a price of CNY 0.72 per kWh. Therefore, the original most power-consuming unit coolers were standardized and replaced during project reconstruction. Calculation with data from the electricity meter after reconstruction derives a daily power consumption of only 2,694 kWh for the 71 Eden unit coolers, a decrease of 11,790 kWh per day and a total of 4,403,341 kWh per year for the cold storages. Together with the adjustment of refrigerant pipes and control valves, Eden can save 6,722,570 kWh per year for the client, which comes to a decrease of CNY 4.8 million per year in electric charge of the cold storages based on a price of CNY 0.72 per kWh.

l Surprising noise reduction performance after reconstruction

The noise in the cold storages mainly comes from operation of the unit coolers. Before reconstruction, the cold storages were highly noisy. With the increase of SKUs and delivery frequency, the workers enter and leave the cold storages more frequently and stay longer in the cold storages. Workers were easily distracted by the noise, which resulted in decreased working efficiency. After reconstruction, you can obviously tell that the noise is greatly reduced even standing under the unit cooler. The excellent noise reduction performance of Eden unit cooler is largely due to advanced fan design, which enables its flagship noise reduction effect and brings a better working environment for workers.

The energy-saving reconstruction has unified long-term and short-term benefits of cold storage operators. In the final analysis, Eden has helped the cold storage operator improve strategic competitiveness through refrigeration technology, which can be simply put as helping the cold storage operator "save money" in a sustainable way. Eden will strive for impressive results in "helping the cold storage operator save money in a sustainable way".