Hospitality Supply Chain in Seychelles


The Republic of Seychelles, located in the Western Indian Ocean, consists of several small islands with 455 square kilometres. It relies heavily on imports for commodities due to its limited resources. Being one of the major local food importers, Hospitality Supplies Ltd is committed to being the international gateway and brings food from more than 30 countries into Seychelles. Therefore, Hospitality Supplies Ltd hopes to provide residents and tourists with healthy and timely access to delicious food worldwide by establishing its own cold chain supply system.

l Seychelles has a tropical rainforest climate, with high temperatures, high humidity levels and abundant rainfalls all year round.

l Has high cargo flow rate and Frequent personnel access to the Cold storage.

l Seeking partners who have rich project experience with tropical rainforest climate to enhance the distribution system's efficiency fundamentally.

Eden Solution and Products:

l Eden High Profile Unit Cooler (FLX Low Temperature Series)

l Eden JUMBO Condenser

l Eden Condensing Units (CDU)

l Eliwell TelevisGO Monitoring System


Eden completed the project was completed in 2014,and to date, Eden’s Unit Coolers, Condensers, and CDUs are still maintaining their initial quality and operating well over the years.