Eden Solutions for Banana Ripening

The bananas purchased from the market are usually ripe bananas with an attractive golden yellow skin. However, in order

to prevent the bananas from rotting and spoiling during the distribution, they are usually picked and refrigerated when they are purely green in colour. After arriving at the destination, due to the slow process of natural ripening conditions, ripening treatment is needed to solve the short shelf life and the delivery issue of the bananas.

Spraying with ripening agent method

The traditional ripening method of banana in China is by spraying ethylene, a ripening agent. It promotes ripening and colouring of the fruit. It takes about nine days for bananas to ripe from green to yellow. However, uneven spraying often occurs during the spraying process, resulting in inconsistent ripening time in different locations of a banana. The bananas ripened in this way have uneven appearance and tends to produce black spots, and prone to damage during distribution. 

This method has been phased out and banned in Europe and the United States. 

Eden, C.A offers safer and greener solutions.

Temperature Regulating Ripening

Eden Chilled Fresh Preservation regulated the ripening cycle of fruit bodies by controlling the Temperature, Humidity,

Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene concentration in the storage environment (The Banana Ripening Cycle is usually between 4-8 days) and improves the internal air flow (inside the control atmosphere compartment) through pressure difference. The

fruit bodies ripened by using temperature regulation are uniform in colour, good in taste and high in sweetness.

Easy to clean

Eden unit cooler is designed with mesh cover that requires only 1 person and 2 steps to easily complete the installation after disassembly and cleaning.

Deployed with lighting system.

Eden unit cooler is designed with an internal lightning mounting position.

To increase the space utilization rate in the ripening warehouse, Eden ripening solution integrated lighting system and unit cooler for a one-time rapid deployment.