Confectionery Company


A confectionery company headquartered in Hong Kong has more than 950 branches in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Its chain business was in the process of gradual expansion. Thus the expansion of the frozen and refrigerated storage for raw materials and semi-finished products was urgently needed due to insufficient warehouse planning.

l The raw materials required for pastry production are mainly eggs, flour, sugar, fat etc. The quality of the ingredients directly affects the quality of the pastry products. Hence, the company hopes that the refrigeration equipment used in the cold storage could ensure uptime and reliability.

l This food company requested a compact space plan with a reasonable layout that would make full use of the storage space within the storage.

Eden Solution and Products:

l Eden Ultra Low Profile Unit Cooler

l Low Profile Unit Cooler

l Eden Condenser


l Eden unit cooler has a compact design, which is 50% smaller than the other unit coolers, thus freeing up storage spaces for cold storage to the greatest extent.

l Foreign advanced cold storage layout solutions shared by Eden during the project implementation, helped this company to

increase the storage space of the cold storage