Lan Vinh Chicken Processing Factory


l Lan Vinh is a Chicken Processing Factory located in Northern Vietnam.

l The Pre-cooling process is a crucial step in Lan Vinh's Chicken Slaughtering Process. During this process, chicken carcasses enter the pre-cooler at about 40°C. After coming out from the Pre-cooler, the temperature has to be maintained below 8°C, with at least a 35°C temperature difference.

l Looking at the poultry industry chain, the profit yield of slaughterhouses are relatively low. Pre-cooling is a key cost control point in the slaughtering process. Thus, Lan Vinh hopes to improve their product quality by controlling cost.

Eden Solution Products:

l Eden Low Profile Unit Cooler

l Eden Medium Profile Unit Cooler

l Eden Condenser


l Lan Vinh reduced energy costs by 25% by deploying Eden's Unit Coolers and Condensers in the factory.

l Operating costs have been significantly reduced.