Meeting the standardised demands of Food Supply Chain Storage


Some restaurant companies in China have started to explore the new and innovative food supply model under the trend of food supply chain transformation. By doing so, restaurants must abandon their traditional self-built Central Kitchen model and work with professional food supply chain enterprises instead. The Centralised Distribution by third parties has optimised the quantitative and supply channels of raw materials and considerably reduced the operational costs of restaurant chains. Therefore, food supply enterprises ushered in the golden period of development.

In China, restaurants usually spend 27% to 36% of the ingredient cost on fresh food, thus determining that the fresh food supply chain is essential. Eden cool solution has conducted a long-term insight into the market and customers’ demand in the field of refrigeration, deeply analysed the specific characteristics of each project, provided targeted solutions for the fresh food industry, adhered to the “customer’s needs” as the core, provided refrigeration solutions with more advanced, efficient, and safe technical strength.


A food supply chain company that provides fully managed operation services for the entire supply chain for catering and quality services with a safe and transparent supply chain system for customers. As the unforeseen downtime of refrigeration equipment and large temperature fluctuations may lead to the quality of fresh food products not meeting the standardised requirements, this company requires suppliers to strictly comply with food safety regulations and consider factors affecting temperature changes during operation to achieve consistency and standardisation of the storage environment. Therefore, this food supply chain company sought for a refrigeration solution partner with a good reputation in the industry.

Eden Solution and Products:

l Cold storage: -18°C, Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler, Semi Blast Freezing Unit Cooler

l Sorting warehouse:-2°C, Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler

l Unloading warehouse:-2°C, Eden Dual Throw Unit Cooler

l Passageway connecting cold storage and unloading warehouse:-2°C, Eden Dual Throw Unit Cooler

l Finished Product Refrigerator:-8°C, Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler

l Pak Choi warehouse:-8°C, Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler


l Our client has been recognized by the industry authorities and customers and has become a benchmark enterprise in the supply chain field.

l All unit coolers involved in the Eden solution are made of stainless steel that meets food safety requirements and helped our client achieve its sustainability goals.

l Able to Store 200,000 SKU products.