Penang Logistics Centre


The logistics industry, especially in cold chain logistics, has shown exponential growth in Malaysia for the past few years. Penang is an important port and the third-largest city in Malaysia. Constructing a new cold chain logistics centre in Penang would mean a strategic significance for the cold chain logistics in Northern Malaysia. Like other major cold chain logistics enterprises, the new cold chain logistics centre in Penang would also encounter challenges of energy saving, emission reduction, and sustainable development.

Eden Solution and Products:


l Eden High Profile Unit Cooler (FLX Low Temperature Series)

l Eden Condenser

l Eden ScrollPak Condensing unit

l Eden Rack System (Screw compressor)

l Oil Cooler

Application, Services and Analysis:

Eden has provided energy-saving solutions for Penang Logistics Centre in Malaysia, helping customers achieve safety and sustainability from refrigeration products to refrigeration systems, ensuring reliable operation, as well as efficient operation and maintenance of Penang Logistics Centre in Malaysia.


Energy Saving, Green Refrigeration The electricity consumption of the refrigeration system is the main expense of the operation of the cold chain logistics enterprises. The larger the cold storage, the higher the energy consumption. Reducing its energy consumption and total operating costs has become a challenge that Penang Logistics Centre must overcome.

Eden is the advocate and practitioner of the “Green and Innovative” concept, reflected in its refrigeration system and core products. Following the demand for a low-carbon economy, Eden continues to iterate on the new refrigeration technology and use its technical advantages to provide energy saving and consumption reduction solutions for Penang Logistics Centre in Malaysia.