SC Wholesale


The soul of food lies in its ingredients. As a senior Malaysian company engaging in the wholesale of fresh ingredients, SC knows the importance of monitoring the quality of ingredients. SC imports 60,000 kg of fresh ingredients daily and needs a standardised cold chain system to ensure they can deliver the fresh ingredient to customers swiftly.

l In the highly competitive fresh food wholesaler sector, SC seeks to reduce costs and time to respond to customer demands.

l SC is looking for reliable and stable operational equipment.

l SC needs its suppliers to build genuine partnerships based on mutual trust and be ready to discuss operation and maintenance issues.

Improving reliability and energy efficiency with Eden Retail solutions:

+5°C Refrigerated warehouse:

l Eden High Profile Unit Cooler (FNR Series)

l Eden Condensing Unit

0°C Refrigerated warehouse:

l Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler (FLX Series)

l Eden Rack System (Screw compressor)

l Eden Air Cooled Condenser(JUMBO Series)

-20°C Freezer:

l Eden Heavy Duty Unit Cooler (FLX….PD6 Series)

l Eden Condensing Unit


SC Supermarket has achieved their expected goals

l Establishment of a quality cold chain system saved energy cost

l Maintenance operations significantly reduced costs

l Reduce distribution losses, higher guaranteed product quality