BACH HOA XANH Supermarket chain


BACH HOA XANH supermarket chain has continued to expand since its establishment in 2015, and with the rapid increase in brand influence and market scale, BACH HOA XANH has gradually developed into one of the largest supermarket chains in Vietnam.

Currently, BACH HOA XANH has expanded to 25 major cities with 1,926 stores nationwide. Each store has an independent food processing area, and BACH HOA XANH hopes to have a solution that could provide a quiet and comfortable working environment for its employees.

Eden Solution and Products:

Eden Cabinet Unit Cooler

l Eden Condenser


l Eden technology thoroughly considered the food processing environments and adopted low-noise processing technology, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the operation of refrigeration equipment.

l The Eden Cabinet Unit Cooler created a quiet and comfortable food processing environment for BACH HOA XANH by using forced circulation, which distributes airflow more evenly.