Flower Preservation Solution

Flowers are delicate, short in shelf life, easy to rot and have strict requirements for its storage temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is particularly important to have professional fresh-keeping cold rooms for flowers.


Keeping flowers in the low temperature not only delays its withering process, avoiding discoloration, deformation, and the growth of germs but also increases its vase life and ensures the overall quality. The suitable storage period and temperature for different kinds of flowers varies. The storage temperature of ordinary flowers in cold room is around 5°C, while certain tropical flowers need 10°C ~ 12°C; certain cold flowers need to be refrigerated at -5°C and the relative humidity is around 60% ~ 85%.


I Key Points for Flower Preservation in Cold rooms

Firstly, flowers need to be precooled before storing in fresh-keeping cold room. The most suitable stage for harvesting flowers is the budding stage. After harvesting, the respiration of the plant will accelerate due to the separation from the original growing environment, resulting in releasing large amount of heat. This heat is called "field heat", which is extremely unfavourable to the storage and transportation of flowers. Therefore, it is important to finish the pre-cooling and cooling work as soon as possible after harvesting. There are generally two ways to precool flowers: vacuum precooling and compression precooling. After pre-cooling treatment, flowers can be stored in the special fresh-keeping cold room for preservation.


Eden Refrigeration Solution


Based on the cold room design of Kunming Leng Lian Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd., Eden Refrigeration equipped 3 functional fresh-keeping cold rooms with multiple sets of Eden G5 dual throw unit coolers and Eden G5 medium profile unit coolers to create a suitable cold room environment for flowers. (After harvesting the flowers for storage, refrigeration must be running throughout the whole supply chain. If the temperature of cooled flowers gets warmer, the flowers will coagulate, and condensate water will easily lead to fungi and bacteria breeding in the flowers, causing mildew, thus reducing the quality of flowers)


Secondly, the cold room shall be set at an appropriate temperature based on the type of flowers and the airflow from the unit cooler shall be gentle. In the process of sorting and packing flowers in the flower-wrapping workshop, not only the temperature characteristics of flowers shall be considered, but also a comfortable and conducive working environment. Eden G5 dual throw unit cooler adopts unique circulation technology to achieve the even distribution of air flow in the cold room and the temperature stably maintained at 15°C ~ 18°C; its leading low-noise processing technology and the advantages of stable airflow on both sides can effectively avoid congelation caused by the direct blowing of cold air and effectively reduce the noise generated during the operation of refrigeration equipment. Therefore, providing a comfortable working environment for the personnel in the processing room.


Finally, the efficient and energy-saving operation of the cold storage can achieve good economic benefits. Eden Refrigeration installed different models of G5 series medium profile unit coolers for flower bud storerooms and bouquet storerooms, based on the accurate control of the temperature and humidity storage environment of flowers set by Kunming Leng Lian. Eden G5 series medium profile unit cooler has the characteristics of "small size and low energy consumption"; its smart circuitry enables the maximum flow of refrigerant to be evenly distributed in the unit cooler, making the compact unit cooler to gain higher heat exchange efficiency and significantly lower energy consumption. As a result, space utilisation rate of cold storage is optimised for the fresh flower to the greatest extent and reducing the operating cost.