Customised Cheese Processing Solution by Eden Refrigeration

Cheese has at least a thousand year of history in China. The cheese consumption has surged with the improvement of per capita disposable income and the enrichment of food types. According to Euromonitor statistics, the proportion of cheese retail in China's dairy consumption has increased year by year since 2017. By 2021, the proportion of cheese sales has increased to 2.77%. It is expected that it will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. In 2021, China's cheese output was 373,000 tons while the demand was 549,000 tons, and both increased as compared to those in 2020.


Cheese comprises the nutrients of milk and was considered as the “Edible Gold” in Western countries. Cheese is rich in protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus and vitamins, thus capable of providing nutrients for microbial growth which responsible for the sensory characteristics of the cheese. The temperature of overall processing process is required to be controlled at 2°C to 8°C in order to minimise harmful microbial contamination during the complex production and processing of cheese. The temperature for preserving finished products also needs to be controlled at 2°C to 8°C as lower temperature will freeze the moisture to form ice crystals and disrupt cheese's internal structure to become crusty and crumbly, spoiling its taste and texture. As a result, frozen method is not ideal for cheese preservation.


Customised Cheese Processing Solution by Eden Refrigeration



| Processing room for Cheese Processing

The medium profile unit cooler of Eden horizontal throw series is used as the core equipment in Processing room. It is equipped with Eden's smart circuitry program which features characteristics like uniform air supply and small temperature fluctuation. Hence, the cheese can be kept in a stable state and effectively inhibits the growth of microorganisms with the help of uniform and stable circulation of cold air during the processing.


| Hydrophilic coated fin

In this Customised Cheese Processing Solution, the medium profile unit coolers of Eden horizontal throw series are made with hydrophilic coated fin that have excellent corrosion resistant, mould proof and odour free properties to create a clean production environment for cheese processing. The hydrophilic corrosion-resistant film coated on the fin causes condensate water to spread evenly on the fin to avoid the formation of 'water bridge', oxidation and delaying frost formation. Hence, effectively reducing energy consumption while improving the heat transfer efficiency of the unit cooler


| Thermostat Sensor

The excessive temperature caused by unit cooler's overheated heater will not only damage its electric heater, but also increase the energy consumption. In the low-temperature raw material warehouse, all medium profile unit coolers of Eden horizontal throw series are installed with a Thermostat Sensor. This device can detect the excessive temperature produced by the continuous electric heating operation, and then stop the heating in time until it drops to a certain temperature at which the electric heating restarts automatically. The thermostat sensor helps in saving energy and reduce operating costs.