Eden Refrigeration to take part in China Refrigeration Expo 2023

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Eden Refrigeration participated in China Refrigeration Expo from 7 April – 9 April 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


At China Refrigeration Expo 2023, Eden Refrigeration presented green innovative solutions in commercial and industrial fields, which have attracted industry-renowned experts and enterprises from both domestic and international markets to visit. We are committed to help the industry improve refrigeration efficiency, reduce emissions, and save resources through green innovative solutions.


Eden Refrigeration also introduced new products - Eden industrial unit cooler and Eden G5 CO2 Unit Cooler


Eden industrial unit coolers can be widely used in light industrial cold storages, freezers, quick-freezers and other industrial cooling fields by virtue of large cooling capacity, high air flow, high versatility and low energy consumption. These unit coolers offer a cost-effective and highly reliable solution for various rigorous industrial applications requirements.



Eden industrial unit coolers offers a variety of reliable and efficient refrigerants such as Ammonia (NH3), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), which is compatible with durable Stainless Steel, Copper and Special Alloy tubes respectively. It also features strategically designed fin spacings of 4.20mm. 6.35mm, 8mm and 10mm, as well as high quality German fans ranging in size from 500mm, 630mm and 800mm to meet various application needs.


Eden also provides customized services related to accessories, components and various defrosting methods for clients in different industries and application scenarios to effectively meet the diversified needs in the industrial refrigeration industry.


Eden G5 CO2 unit coolers inherit the characteristics of G5 series including high energy efficiency and high stability. Through accurate data calculation, test simulation and combined with special and exquisite tube expansion process, 304 stainless steel and double sine wave aluminum fins are closely combined to achieve the optimal heat transfer efficiency. Having passed the pressure test, it can be applied to CO2 high pressure system. Its highly compact design makes it an ideal solution for freezers and refrigerators limited by space.



With its “Green Programs”, Eden Refrigeration aims to drive an environmentally friendly, more efficient, energy-saving, safe, and sustainable future into its products, services, and solutions.