Eden Chilled Fresh Solution For Movable Cold Room


Chilled fresh meat consumption has been a practice in Europe and the United States over the century while 90% of Chilled pork are widely consumed in Europe and Japan. At present, China consumers market still preferred fresh meat and frozen meat. With the recent advanced development for chilled fresh preservation and cold chain technology, consumers understand and accept the trend that contributes to market expansion. Eden Chilled Fresh Technology Solution is an innovative & unique technology. Extending chilled fresh meat preservation by 3-4 times.

Eden Solution and Products:

Product : Boneless Beef Meat ( Frozen for a long time )

Packing Method: Simple Packing

Application : Movable Cold Room

l Extended Chilled Fresh Preservation Time:

In common domestic refrigerators or chiller room, chiller compartment is usually set at 0 ℃ to 4 ℃. This temperature range, chilled meat preservation is usually between 10 to 15 days. Eden chilled fresh solution incorporate magnetic field with myriametric waves technology to control the temperature between - 1.4 ℃ and - 1.7 ℃ for boneless beef meat. Using this temperature range to preserve beef can limit bacterial growth, food respiration and delaying the aging rate, therefore preservation shelf life can be generally extended to 40 - 45 days. Eden chilled fresh solution focuses on the critical freezing zone. Ensuring that meats are not frozen and effectively protect meat cells from being damaged.

l Control Bacteria Growth:

According to GB 4789.2 (Standard for determination of total bacterial count in food microbiological examination) Based on the carcass stored for 9 days in chiller room and domestic refrigerators is 2.4 × 108 CFU / g and the total number of Escherichia coli was more than 1.1 × 103 MPN / g.

By incorporating Eden Chilled Fresh Solution with unique negative ion technique, the total number of colonies on the surface of carcass was 3.1 × 104 CFU / g and the total number of Escherichia coli was about 7.2 MPN / g, which effectively inhibited the reproduction of humic bacteria.

***National Food Safety Standards Test References : GB 4789.2-2016 & GB 4789.3-2016

l High Quality Meat Curing & Thawing:

Eden Chilled Fresh solution offers high quality meat thawing process. The myriametric waves resonance with water molecules to achieved high quality dethawing process in freezing point for frozen boneless beef meat that had been stored in a -18 ℃ freezer room for a long period time. After thawing, less then 4% of density loss rate was achieved.  Resulting in retaining rich

texture similar to fresh meat origin.

The nutritional components such as protein and vitamin were not damaged or lost. Eden chilled fresh solution can be applied for curing boneless beef meat. This technology maintained the meat cells activity with freeze prevention for achieving unique meat curing effect.

Eden Chilled Fresh Technology Movable Cold Room commonly comes in few dimensions ( 14"Footer , 20" Footer and 40"Footer etc..) It’s a highly versatile modular concept that can be supplied and assembled in a short period of time. Suitable for Hotels, Food Processing Factory or Food Trading Company industries, etc to name a few.