Eden Refrigeration Escorts "New Retailing"

In the new retailing era, while e-commerce companies enter into fresh food sector successively, traditional supermarkets are also closing up to e-commerce. The accelerated integration of the two huge systems makes the antiquated fresh food market rejuvenate in another form. In the process of penetration and integration between e-commerce companies and traditional supermarket companies, cold chain storage has been elevated to a new level, which puts forward more comprehensive and refined requirements for food preservation, dry consumption control and energy-saving management. As a refrigeration solution provider in supermarket sector, Eden continuously provides refrigeration solutions for fresh food new retailing with its strong innovation ability and over 60 years' experience in refrigeration and freezing.

Eden Solution and Products:

Eden unit cooler for food processing areas: More evenly distributed air flow through forced circulation, and low noise level ranging from 49dB (A) to 52dB (A), providing a comfortable working environment for workers.

l Eden low profile unit cooler and high profile unit cooler: Small in size, low in energy consumption and stable in operation, used for storage of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cooked food, meat and seafood, etc.

l Eden ultra low application unit cooler: Ultra low application that quickly freezes cargo to -60℃, used for storage of tuna.

Eden Jumbo condenser: Efficient, stable, with a noise level lower than the national standard.