Eden Frozen Dough Fermentation Solutions

Emergence of frozen dough technology changes the traditional production mode of bread, pizza and pastry. This breakthrough removes the traditional bottleneck of time, delivery, efficiency and increase the productivity for bakers industries.

In the central kitchen, mixed dough being fermented and shaped by quick frozen and refrigerating. They are then delivered to the respective outlets. This strengthen food safety management controlling ability.

Eden provide a complete solution for frozen fermentation dough, consistent & meet the stringent requirement of different stages of refrigeration.

l Non Fermented Dough(0~5℃)

Eden medium temperature refrigeration equipment is suitable for 0 ~ 5℃ application. Keeping the freshly mixed dough in this temperature range, gives the dough a slow and uniform fermentation process.

l Fermented Dough(-20℃)

Eden low temperature are designed to perform at -20℃ frozen storage, for keeping fermented dough in hibernation conditions that allows the storage extension time to 48hrs.

l Shaped Dough(-3℃~+1℃)

Eden Medium Temperature system are designed to perform at -3℃~ +1℃ allowing stable operating conditions with very slight temperature difference for keeping the dough in 12hrs without excessive acidification.